Thursday, 15 March 2012

❤ Tanning Secrets ❤

FAKE TAN - wash off tan

Im not a big fan of wash of tan. I've never found one that doesn't run off on my clothes and sheets! Also they rarely go on evenly.
But if you do decide to use them instant colour spray tans are good for a full evenish coverage you may need a friend to help you do your back .. But be warned if it rains you'll be stuck looking like a tiger.

If you decide on a cream or gel instant tan make sure to use a tanning mit or wear gloves! There's nothing worse or more embarrassing than bright orange hands.. And it doesn't quite wash off (like it says on the bottle!)

FAKE TAN - gradual glow

I use these kinds of products regularly they're great for first time tanning too! Not too messy and pretty much idiot proof.. Although I admittedly have ended up with orange hands before.. Again wear gloves! .. Before applying, moisturise areas that are dry eg knees elbows also do hands and feet..
Start with a small amount of product for your first time then gradually add more day to day to get the desired colour. My favourite gradual tans are dove and palmers cocoa butter tan. Both are reasonably priced too =]

FAKE TAN - 'Professional' spray

Well, I've had many spray tans in my time and the majority not so successful. Ask your beautician about experience! I had many dodgey patchy tans with stripes on my arms and white in-between my fingers where the 'professional' didn't spray! If that happens do not hesitate to ask for your money back or go back for FREE corrections! ..
Always make sure the spray used is a representable brand.. Eg St Tropez, Fake bake... Cheap alternatives will run and not last as long.
ALWAYS exfoliate before visiting the salon for a spray tan and make sure you do not put on any oily moisturiser or roll on deodorant .. You will get a streaky tan!
DON'T forget to shave before getting a spray tan, you will scrape off the tan with your razor leaving horrible uneven streaks of colour.
DON'T wear makeup to the salon the day you go for your spray tan despite what some people say it will not go through foundation it's not a miracle liquid? :s
Wear loose clothing when you go to the salon! There's nothing worse than getting home and half your tan has rubbed of onto your clothes, also it's best not to wear a bra.. Tight straps leaves marks!

FAKE TAN - indoor tanning

Yes Sunbeds are bad but I'm addicted and I live in the UK where there is no sun! So leave me alone =]
Plus they build an amazing base tan if you are going away which in the long term is good for you because you don't get burnt on holiday ;) you just end up with a fab dark tan!

Always wear eye protection no matter how long you go on for, some salons I have been to have told me only 6minutes plus needs eye protection.. Walk out of those salons! they have no regard for your eyes.

I always put an SPF on my face before visiting the salon, normally factor 20 or 30, I don't want wrinkles, plus if I'm putting makeup on my face why does it need to be tanned?

For extra help to boost that tan on a Sunbed use a tanning accelerator. If you're an advanced tanner use a tingle cream for best effects, it may feel odd but it sure does work!
Amazing product alert - Australian gold (HOT)

Anybody else should use a normal accelerator with extra moisture and a low SPF .. It'll get your skin prepared and ease you into building that stunning tan.
Australian gold original is a great start!


Like I said before a great way to get a tan in the natural sun is by going to a salon a few times and using a tabbing bed to build yourself a base tan.
But if you're against Sunbeds its fine. But you'll still need to build that base tan. Just use a high factor on your first few days of tanning .. I'm sure your mothers taught you how not to burn from a young age.
The most important thing to me member is never let yourself burn, you can do serious permanent damage to your skin! Plus major wrinkles in early life! Who wants to look old? Not me!

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